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In lieu of writing the next part of my blog series on building power, I’m just going to link to this.

A reminder why Spandrell is the best there is.

4 thoughts on “Read This

  1. Hello,

    I would have preferred to send you an email or to message you using any platform but I could not find any.

    I enjoy your content, that I found on a discord when someone shared an article of yours when we were discussing Spandrell’s bioleninism, if memory serves. You are a great writer with novel ideas, and I think you share great thoughts. So, first of all, I would like to thank you with my words.

    But I would also like to thank you with my acts, . Everything is summed up on this page, but to recap quickly, I would like to host you, completely for free, to avoid the censorship of WordPress and the possible loss of your content.

    I also sent you a Twitter PM but as I use a VPN and refuse to use a phone number, I get blocked quite often, I prefer emails.


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